Hawaii Trip

When I sat on the plane back to Austin after 3 days of being in paradise, I can honestly say I was the saddest I've been leaving somewhere in a long time! But that just means that I had an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience on my royalty vacation to Hawaii and I truly did.

The first day started off amazing. We were greeted at the front desk with a tropical fruit punch cocktail and Ms Nikki surprised me with a brand new Apple Watch as a late birthday gift that I instantly became obsessed with! I wore it the entire trip and didn't even want to take it off at the beach. Text messages directly accessed directly from my wrist? Yes please! After this we immediately took off to explore Waikiki Beach and took some pictures of the beautiful area. Then, we attended the manager's reception and to dinner later at Yard House! We had all been up for a total of almost 24 hours by the time we finished dinner, so we decided it would be best to rest up for the next day ahead.

The second day, we got up bright and early and headed down to breakfast and then to spend a day at the beach. We rented out beach chairs with big umbrellas for the day and a big floating island for Ms Nikki, Jess, my mom and I to take out in the water! That was such a blast and made us all laugh. After grabbing lunch at the beach, we took off to go parasailing which was an experience I'll never forget. I highly recommend sailing 600 feet in the air over Hawaiian waters with your pageant director if you are ever given the chance!

As scary as it initially was, the experience was amazing and filled with laughter too. We headed back to do some shopping on the island after this before heading off to my radio interview that night. I got the opportunity to be on the local KPRP radio station on the Inspiring Lives talk show to be interviewed about my year ahead.

The third day was equally as amazing as the rest. Up early again, we headed out to Pearl Harbor to do a tour of USS Arizona to commemorate the lives of soldiers fallen. Then, we headed out to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise where I had a delicious Grilled Chicken sandwich- Hawaiian style! Now it was time to head to the luau, the absolute highlight of my trip. As great as Waikiki is, there is nothing better than traveling to the less tourist filled part of Honolulu and being told about the culture from the natives. It was a night filled with dancing, authentic food, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime. After the luau, I officially wanted to stay for another week or so! But college awaits me back in Texas, so unfortunately we had to head back.

Words can't even explain my gratitude to Ms Nikki for this experience. Not only did I get an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, but she really did treat me like royalty with limo rides, radio interviews, and front row seats to the best luau in Honolulu. I will never forget all of the fun I had and have so much love in my heart for Nikki and Jess.

Kat Watkins

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