Miss Hawaii Teen America

Hawaii_Alianna West.jpg


Issue of Concern:  Cyber-bullying, Self-esteem building with young students

Ambition:  I want to be a TV broadcaster when I grow up. I would love to work for my local news channels but my main goal would be to work as an entertainment news broadcaster.  

Hobbies:  Soccer, Cheerleading, Acting  

Favorite Foods:   Steak and Rice

Favorite Quote:  â€œBe the fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios.”

Special Talents:  I can chant in Hawaiian.

In your reign as a title holder, how would you serve as a role model for children? In my reign as a title holder, I would promote my platform mentoring minis, by helping young children to build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

What question do you hope the judges will ask you? I would like the judges to ask me any question about Hawaii because I love to talk about my beautiful state.