Miss New Jersey teen america

New Jersey_Silvana.jpg


Issue of Concern:  Teen Depression and Suicide

Ambition:  To become a world-renowned broadcast journalist.  

Hobbies:  Varsity tennis, fitness, my own YouTube channel Dear Miss Positive, modeling, and filming my live TV show on Twitch, Snap Me With Silvi & Liam.

Favorite Foods:  Salmon and Caesar Salad

Favorite Quote:  “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” ~ Bob Marley

Special Talents:  Persistence and speaking in front of a crowd.

What questions do you hope the judges will ask you? “What do you think are the effects of social media?” I like this question because I feel strongly that social media impacts children and teens more and more, and we need to be aware of how it is affecting our society today to better our future. 

In your reign as title holder, how would you serve as a role model for children? I would be a great role model for children because I promote positivity and happiness through my YouTube channel, Dear Miss Positive and I am an all honors student in school as I take academics very seriously.