What She Wore!

Take a look at what Ciana wore when she took home the crown of Miss Teen America 2017!

MTA 2017-Hawaii Ciana Pelekai-0017.jpg

For her Fitness Wear, Ciana picked bright colors that complimented her skin tone. She chose a one shoulder sports bra in a neon yellow with shoes to match and  paired them with vibrant, printed shorts.

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Fitness Wear Tip: Pick a color or colors that look great on you, and don't be afraid of prints. We all love a little bling here and there, but having bling on your fitness wear is completely optional.  Be sure that your fitness wear actually fits! When choosing your sports bra, pick a style that flatters your body type. 

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For Fashion Competition, Ciana looked stunning in royal blue. The detailing at the waistline and flowy chiffon skirt was a true show stopper!

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Fashion Tip: Be sure that your fashion selection is teen appropriate and reflects YOUR sense of style. Choose a style that is complementary to your body type and a color that looks amazing with your hair color and skin tone. High-lows are not the "end all, be all" of the Fashion Competition. Do not limit yourself to this. For example, if you find a cocktail dress that you love, go with it!  

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For Onstage Interview, Ciana wore an aqua bandage dress, with peplum detail and mimicking flair at the skirt hem. The neckline provided a classic and timeless look to a trendy, fashion-forward dress. 

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Interview Attire Tip: Pick an outfit in which you feel comfortable. You want all your energy to be able to go to wooing the judges. You don't want to be in a dress that you cannot breath in or one you have to tug at to prevent it from rising after walking. As always, picking the proper style for your body type, a color that complements you, and having a great fit is key here. 

MTA 2017-Hawaii Ciana Pelekai-0071.jpg

Ciana looked amazing in her canary yellow, mermaid gown complete with rhinestone embellishments and a thin, halter neckline. 

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Evening Gown Tip: Make sure that your dress is floor length. This means your dress sits just at the floor and sweeps across. It should not drag the floor or need to be lifted for you to walk forward. Your shoes should not be visible once you are at a stand still. When getting your dress fitted, don't forget to wear the shoes that you plan to wear when competing. Evening gown is your chance to showcase your poise and elegance. Fit and style is of great importance. And remember, your favorite color may not be the color that looks best on you. 

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Photo Credit: Photographic Vision