My Mediterranean Cruise

A couple weeks ago, I started my travels headed to a 7-day Italy/Greece Cruise.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime!  It was also many “first” for me, first time traveling to a different country and my first ever cruise.  Getting to Italy was quite the task, especially for me because I am coming all the way from Hawaii!  My first trip started with flying from Hawaii to Austin, then to New York and finally to the first stop of Milan, Italy.  Early the next morning we started our journey by train to Venice, Italy where we spent some time shopping before boarding our cruise ship.  

I absolutely had an amazing time learning about the different cultures, seeing different ancient places and eating the delicious crepes and gelato every country I visited! It was a travel experience I will never forget.


I spent half the day in the beautiful city of Milan where I ate delicious pasta and of course GELATO!  I visited the famous Milan cathedral, Duomo di Milano, which I fell in love with! 


In Venice, I got to experience a Gondola Ride! I was so impressed with all the different water taxis. I loved how people live right on the water and they use their boats to get around. This is so different since I’m used to using a car to get from place to place.  I learned that many people don’t live on the first floor of the apartment buildings because when it’s high tide the water gets into their apartment! Although it was a gloomy day, I enjoyed great food, shopping, and admiring the different buildings.


Finally, after boarding the cruise ship in Venice, our first port was Athens, Greece. We had a fabulous tour of the Acropolis of Athens.  The historic ruins and view was just beautiful!  I have never seen anything like it!  An interesting fact I learned about the city of Athens is that there are many stray dogs that just roam around everywhere. I wondered why I kept seeing random dogs all over the place.  They were all so cute and I wish I could have taken them home! 


The second destination was amazing. We went to Argostoli, it was so pretty that I wished I lived there! The houses were so colorful, and the lake was so beautiful. My mom and I went on a bicycle boat together in the lake. I saw three big turtles and I just couldn’t believe how close they were to us. Of course I did some shopping and bought these nice Greek sandals and a beautiful dress that I had fell in love with.  It reminded me of a Greek goddess.

Our third destination was Kotor, Montenegro. It was a really historic and unique port to see.  I walked in the Old Town of Kotor and hiked the City Walls of Kotor. Before ending my time ashore, I went to check out a nearby beach of the Adriatic sea.


My last destination was Split, Croatia. This was my favorite port I visited.  I did a lot of shopping and I also had a delicious crepe! We went on a bike tour and learned a lot of history about Croatia. I remember seeing many churches and old buildings, it really made me interested in learning about each one. They had so many vendors on the side of the street selling handmade things, unique and old antique items as well. I bought a sponge from the Adriatic Sea that is used for showering, but I’m definitely going to be saving that as a souvenir.

I was sad for the cruise to end!  I really enjoyed every bit of it and I wish I could stay a little bit longer, but of course I had to get back to school. I am just so thankful for amazing directors, Nikki and Jess.  They are just wonderful!  I am speechless and I can’t explain how thankful I am for this unforgettable experience. Not only did I get an all expense paid trip to Italy/Greece, but they really made this trip really enjoyable and fun! I will never forget this fabulous experience and all the fun adventures.  Mahalo Ms. Nikki and Ms. Jess!