Miss NORTH carolina

teen america

North Carolina Reagan Wayne.jpg


Issue of Concern:  Human trafficking awareness and victim support.

Ambition:  To be a successful attorney

Hobbies:  Working out, binge-watching Netflix, collecting cityscape artwork, spending too much money on Lush products.  

Favorite Foods:  Pomegranates and macarons

Favorite Quote:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Special Talents:  Singing, musical theater, cat whisperer

What question do you hope the judges will ask you? What is an experience that has made you grow? This past summer I attended the NC Governor’s School and learned about deeper academic principles along with society and myself.

In your reign as title holder, how would you serve as a role model for children? I want everything I do, as a titleholder or otherwise, to be a good example. As a leader I want to show young people the importance of giving back to their communities by proving to them that one person, regardless of age, can make a difference.