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Favorite Quote:
The quote “She believed she could, so she did." by R.S. Grey has reminded me that I am capable of accomplishing anything that I set my mind to. I was given this quote on a bracelet from a dear friend. The meaning of the quote is very close to my heart, just like the friend who gifted the bracelet to me.

I have danced since the age of three and have trained in six different genres of dance. I love to dance every chance I get!  A lot of the time you can find me baking madeleines with my mom, spending time in trendy areas around the Willamette River downtown with friends, and going to summer concerts in the park. I also love quiet time hiking the Columbia River Gorge and reading non-fiction books. 

Issue of Concern:
Having grown up near downtown Portland my entire life, I have been exposed to the growing homeless population on a daily basis. On any given night, thousands of women, men, and children are housed on the streets. Facing homelessness can create a large amount of stress on the parents trying to find housing while, at the same time, trying to care for their children. Meanwhile, their children are not getting the support and creative stimulation they would otherwise receive in an after-school program. With the disappearance of play, many experts claim that this accounts towards decreased school performance and higher rates of obesity. My platform, Kids First Project, promotes the message of HOPE. HOPE stands for Health, Opportunity, Play, Education. Kids First Project raises awareness on the lack of funding going towards disadvantaged children, provides the resources that are necessary for children experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential, frees up time for parents to get training on job skills, and ultimately breaks the generational cycle of poverty.

Currently my goal is to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communications from the University of Southern California, which I start this fall. I plan to graduate in 4 years and begin to grow my own Event Planning Business. I love creating memorable events for people’s life moments.