miss Pennsylvania teen america

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Issue of Concern:  My issue of concern is children in poverty. After going to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip two years in a row and visiting India numerous times, my eyes opened up to the harsh reality that persists in developing countries, especially for young children. During one of my visits to India when I was in elementary school, I saw a homeless five-year-old girl in shaggy, rundown clothing that was holding a six-month-old baby in her hands sitting on a dirty street corner. I remember thinking about how different my life was from that girl who was only a couple years younger than me and that I had a lot to be thankful for. After that life-changing moment, I knew I was passionate about helping those in need. This experience, coupled with my time spent at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, has undoubtedly made me even more passionate about this issue.


Playing Piano, Playing Tennis, Watching The Bachelor, Painting, Eating Candy, Volunteering

Favorite Foods:  Taco Bell, sour candy, Indian food, and cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears.

Favorite Quote:  “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

Special Talents:  I play 4 instruments, I am a certified EMT, I am a black belt, and I am a nationally ranked Orator in Speech and Debate.

What question do you hope the judges will ask you?  I hope they ask why I want to be Miss Teen America. I want to talk about my hope of being a role model. Many times in my life I have faced racism and discrimination, and I hope to show other girls that having a different skin color or looking a little different does not make you any less incredible or beautiful.

In your reign as titleholder, how would you serve as a role model for children?  I would show others that no matter your skin or your differences, we all deserve to be given respect. In addition, I would want to show others the importance of service.