Miss south carolina

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Issue of Concern:

After witnessing my dad and his entire family survive anything from basal cell cancer to melanoma, the issue of skin cancer became heavy on my heart. After I realized how badly people from this generation abuse their skin, I created the “SkinZone”. Through it, I inform about the dangers of skin cancer and how to start a process of prevention.

Favorite Quote:
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. The inspiring words that craft this quote remind me to never give up on what I want most in life.

I enjoy organizing charity fashion shows, horseback riding, "skurfing", movies with friends, cheerleading, and working out.

I plan to combine my loves for both public speaking and dermatology in order to use my God given abilities to inspire others to live a happy and healthy life. I hope to become the next “Female Doctor Oz”.