Teen america


Issue of Concern: 
Hunger. Local and worldwide. No one should have to go hungry or wonder where their next meal may come from. My Platform is "Feed the Need" and my goal over the next year is to raise 5,000 food items for The Soddy Daisy Food Bank.

Favorite Quote:
"She believed she could so she did" - R.S. Grey.

I love to Cheer and I cheer on my high school team. I also enjoy archery and collecting food items for my local food bank. I have a goal to raise 5,000 food items over the next year.

Ambition:  I plan to cheer at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) while studying to become an anesthesiologist. I aspire to become Miss Teen America as I was Miss Jr. Teen America 2015 and my goal is to be the National Queen in both divisions, a rare achievement.