teen america


Issue of Concern: Growing up as a daughter of an army sergeant, our country's veterans and service men and women have always held a special place in my heart. In today's day and age, I personally believe that they are not as respected as they need to be. That is why I began my personal platform, "Freedom Fighters", where I go speak to grade school children about respect for our armed forces. We read books together, make cards for the Robertson County VFW chapter, and have some very interesting conversations!

Favorite Quote:
"The best is yet to come." ~ Anonymous

I enjoy volunteering, kickboxing, Zumba, "Combative Conditioning" classes, paddle boarding, and parasailing.


Ambition:  When I graduate high school, I want to stay local and attend college in Nashville while pursuing a major in biology with pre med courses. After this, I plan to attend medical school on the way of opening my own dermatology practice in the future.